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Shaylynn Marie Photography

I am a mom or not a model or not in the best shape or not feeling confident for a session like this. Will I look good?

Yes. Yes. Yes! Everyone who walks into the studio has a stretch mark or two, at least a dozen wrinkles and probably enjoys a doughnut with her coffee just as much as the next girl. A Shaylynn Marie Beauty + Boudoir session celebrates YOU for exactly where you're at and who you are. I get it. We all have areas of our bodies we're conscious about and not to toot my own horn (but toot toot), I pride myself on highlighting all of the incredible things about you in a way where you see your beauty and not your "flaws" through your portraits. We have fun, we laugh, I help you shop for outfits, you're set up with an incredible hair and makeup team, I show you exactly how to pose down to your fingertips and most poses you'll actually be watching me do them right along side you! Easy peasy my friend. 


All you need to do? Just show up

When should I book a session and how long does it take to get printed portraits back?

Planning ahead is the way to go! Beauty + Boudoir sessions book out 3-4 months in advance so if you have a special occasion in mind (birthday, anniversary, wedding etc.) that you know you'd like to have portraits done by, let me know! From your session date to the day you have portraits back in hand is 4-6 weeks. If you're even thinking about reserving a session, don't wait to email me, it's never too soon to reserve your session date. Sessions are scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

What does a Beauty + Boudoir session include and what is the total investment?

A Shaylynn Marie Beauty + Boudoir session fee is $500 with collections starting at $1800. Your session fee includes a pre-session consultation with Shaylynn Marie where we can chat about your session, guidance with outfits and overall look that compliments you and your body type, includes a 2 hour session time (which is enough time for 2-3 different outfits or looks), professional hair styling and makeup application at the studio, retouching of your portraits as well as a follow up in person reveal and ordering appointment to view your portraits and order your printed products. At your reveal and ordering appointment you may select a collection or order portraits a la carte. I have no minimum order requirements and you only purchase what you love! 

For full investment information including package and a la carte products offered, please email

How do I prepare for my session? What do I bring?

Girl I got you! All information on how to prepare for your experience will be sent to you in my Welcome Guide! There you’ll have a detailed timeline on what you can do leading up to your day, places to go for any pampering or skin care, where to shop and allll the needed information to help you feel prepared and ready to go. With what to wear, don’t stress or put too much thought into it. Less is more and most clients end up bringing what they already have in their closet! Oversized sweater, cute black panties, slouchy tee shirt or button up… easy! If you want to go pick out something lacy and fun feel free to go shop but if you come in just your birthday suit for some tangled-in-the-sheets portraits we’ll still get stunning photos. No matter what you’re wearing (or not wearing), we’ll have fun!

Can I bring a friend?

Go for it! Sometimes bringing a girlfriend can be fun to help ease some nerves, have some girl time and help you feel comfortable during your session! I’m happy to welcome a gal pal to come along, please keep in mind that only one extra person in the studio is preferred and I have a policy of no husbands/boyfriends or significant others coming to the session. If you’d prefer to have them come help you pick out portraits that’s totally fine! If you have a friend who wants to book a session for herself, ask me about scheduling back to back same day sessions for the two of you!

How much do you edit? I have a few extra lbs, stretch marks, wrinkles….

I have had all sorts of women of every age, every size and every stage in life walk through the door and we all have some insecurities. I rely completely on fantastic posing, lighting and angles while limiting the photoshop magic to some skin smoothing, blemish removing, under eye circles and fixing little puckers or indents from any lingerie. You are beautiful and we will embrace what you’ve got sister! My aim during your session is to minimize any areas you’re concerned about and highlighting the beautiful features and curves that are unique to you! I promise you are in great hands and will love the way you look and feel during your session.

I’m concerned about other people seeing my portraits and due to my job/spouses job/comfort level etc. I do NOT want my portraits to be leaked! Can I keep them private?

YES! Your privacy is of utmost importance to me. Although I am completely convinced that the only reaction you would get is “Get it girl, you look INCREDIBLE!” your portraits are safe with me. I hand retouch each portrait rather than sending them to an editing company with printed portraits stored securely in the studio waiting and ready for you to pick up! I only share portraits that have been given complete permission to share and the level of comfort with each client (not tagging on social media, only sharing non identifying portraits etc.) are completely respected. What you see on my website is what I typically will share while any portraits that are considered more of a fine are nude are kept completely private.

IF you do allow me to use any of your gorgeous portraits for website or promotion, I will never tag you or use your full name and will only use what you’re comfortable with.

Do you photograph men?

Nope. No sir, I do not.

Have any questions I haven’t answered?

Please fill out the contact form and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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