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If I would have to guess the number one concern for having a beauty + boudoir portrait session, it would be what on earth do I wear?! (Right after the concern of oh my goodness I’m actually doing this! Eek!) If you’re anything like me, the last time you bought underwear was a 6 pack at Costco that may or may not have just included tan and white and gives you alllll the full coverage. Fear not, I am here to help.

First let’s get rid of a few myths you might have heard and/or believe about boudoir sessions.

  1. You have to wear lacy, barely there, super sexy lingerie that gives you too many wedgies in too many places and you may lose an arm or leg just trying to get the darn thing on. FALSE.

  2. You need to be fit as a fiddle to look or feel attractive in your own skin. FALSE.

  3. You need to head to all the fancy pants stores, spend a bit too much $$$ to find what you need to wear for your session. FALSE.

Now that we’ve settled those matters, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What DO you wear?! Before we dive in I think it’s completely fair that I give you a heads up on a little secret…

99% of women end up loving their fine art nude and/or tangled in the sheets I-have-nothing-on portraits more than any portraits wearing anything else they’ve brought. So if you'd rather not bring a single thing except yourself, feel free to disregard this entire blog post.

Shaylynn Marie Photography-18.jpg

So without further ado…

Tried and true looks for your Beauty + Boudoir session.


The oversized sweater is the toe dipping into the water, comfort and casual go-to for many clients. Paired with a cute pair of panties, this is both incredible versatile, shows off a beautiful collar bone, shoulders and really showcases your legs! You can find them absolutely anywhere and if you’re having a hard time finding one with a great off the shoulder fit, check out the men’s section in stores or in your hubby’s side of the closet!

Shaylynn Marie Photography-10.jpg


The button down is another option with a bit more coverage and a whole lot of flexibility! Chiffon or other silky fabrics with a good drape hit all the right curves in all the right places and can be styled in quite a few ways!

Shaylynn Marie Photography-28.jpg


THIS is a fun one! From showing off some gorgeous gams to slimming arms and tummies, this is a winner and a staple!

Shaylynn Marie Photography-3.jpg


I’d have to say the tank top is probably a top 3 favorite of mine. Casual, effortless and raw beauty is what comes to mind when clients bring in a black or white tank top as a part of their styling for their session. Black or white are good classics and can be found at almost any store. If you’re having a hard time finding one with a looser fit, this is another one you can find in the men’s section!

Shaylynn Marie Photography-26.jpg


Oh my heart, this is my newest love for beauty + boudoir portraits. The flow, the way it lets light through, the swish and sway of the fabric when it moves… It’s a winner for ALL body types while giving a little bit of a glam vibe to your session!

Shaylynn Marie Photography-15.jpg


The teddie is my #1 lingerie recommendation. From strappy to lacy, it flatters and photographs beautifully on every client! You can layer it up or not and whether you are WELL endowed or smaller chested, there’s one for everyone!

Shaylynn Marie Photography-16.jpg


For the extra vavavoom with a little bit of classic woman, sexy and sassy, bring some tights! You can wear them by themselves, throw them on under a sweater or button up, rock some heels or not. These are just FUN. You can bring along a garter and matching lingerie set but don’t think that these can’t be a showstopper all on their own!


So there you have it! Tried and true, simple, no fuss and easy ideas for your Beauty + Boudoir portrait session! Everything I have listed was intentional in that these ideas flatter every woman at every age and every size. With these suggestions, you can rock them or throw them out the window for the all inclusive birthday suit, either way you will look and feel like a rockstar mega babe.

All you have to worry about? Just doing the damn thing.

To book your own Beauty + Boudoir experience, contact me here or for a more comprehensive list of FAQ’s head here.

All the Pretty Things

You’ve scoured through everyone’s portraits, you’ve been hemming and hawing over booking your own session and you’re ready to jump in the pool of a Beauty + Boudoir experience with me!

Last hurdle, what to do with your portraits?! Albums, wall art, folio boxes… so many gorgeous options and finishes that all can be completely tailored to each beautiful client and her specific taste and style.


Shaylynn Marie Photography
Alll the cover options. Sexy blacks, sparkles, shines, suedes & velvets galore.

Alll the cover options. Sexy blacks, sparkles, shines, suedes & velvets galore.


Want it ALL on the walls but can’t narrow down which portraits you’d like to use? How about all of them?! Rotate out your matted 8X10 portraits however often you’d like in a gorgeous display while storing the rest in a beautiful Japanese silk folio box with satin ribbon enclosure. Perfect for the client who wants to see them all and doesn’t want to pick and choose her portraits for her wall decor.



These are just a few of the goodies at the studio… metal wall art, canvas & acrylic displays are just a few of the other amazing products offered to display your portraits.

Everything offered is available in the studio to see, feel, hold, love on and select at your Reveal & Ordering appointment right after your Beauty + Boudoir portrait session.

My favorite part of the entire Shaylynn Marie experience? Watching my clients seeing themselves beautifully printed, running their hands over their portraits, hugging their albums and beaming with pride over their portraits and glowing in their newfound confidence. Hands down. Favorite moment.

Miss S.

When Miss S. came into the studio she came in with guns blazing. She came with her cool girl calm (due to personality or the fact that she is a yoga rockstar I'm still deciding), a few gorgeous Louboutins (because you can never have too many pairs), and a bottle of bourbon. To say I was excited is a pretty big understatement. 

Shaylynn Marie Photography

I LOVE that she chose to stay on the natural side with her hair and makeup and really show off her glowing skin and natural beauty. Her "why" for her session was really celebrating who she is and where she is at and I loved that this session was 100% for her. 

Shaylynn Marie Photography

Whether you're celebrating a milestone, a birthday, or just because you want to do something for yourself... I can't think of any better way than an empowering session to embrace who you are and where you've come and you are the perfect example of someone who just did the damn thing. Cheers to you Miss S. and your year of amazing things ahead!

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Shaylynn Marie Photography
Shaylynn Marie Photography-47.jpg
Shaylynn Marie Photography
Shaylynn Marie Photography
Shaylynn Marie Photography

Miss T.

First of all let me say I am SO inspired by this woman! Besides being a busy mama and running a farm life she is a boss at the whole working out/healthy lifestyle thing. She shows up every. single. day. Her workouts are HARD. She is the definition of sweat like a beast to look like a beauty people. By the time I roll out of bed for my cup of coffee, casually scrolling through Instagram... she is one of the first Instastories I see already busted through a workout and mopping out farm stalls. 

I'm exhausted just watching her. 

Shaylynn Marie Photography
Shaylynn Marie Photography
Shaylynn Marie Photography

Her session was all things you'd want to experience. We laughed. A lot. I almost fell off of a ladder I was balancing precariously on over the top of her (not really but the fear in her eyes would tell you differently) and we agreed that most husbands have at least one shirt in their closets with some sort of food stain all over it which is both adorable and disgusting. 

Shaylynn Marie Photography
Shaylynn Marie Photography

Girl you ROCKED your session and were a dream to work with sister. I cannot love your session any more than I do and I hope I can get my butt in gear and get on your fitness level my friend! 

Shaylynn Marie Photography
Shaylynn Marie Photography
Shaylynn Marie Photography
Shaylynn Marie Photography
Shaylynn Marie Photography