Hello Gorgeous!



I'm Shaylynn Marie. A wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a carpooler, a Target shopper... all of these things along with so many other roles to make life run smoothly! As of January 2018, you can also add Beauty + Boudoir portrait artist to that list. 



Beauty and Boudoir portraiture is for women. For you. Women who, like myself, have many hats they wear throughout their days. This is for women who want to feel beautiful. Who want to feel confident in themselves not based on the many rolls they play, not based on a number on the scale, not based on age or pant size, but solely based on who YOU are right NOW. Somewhere between the morning carpool and collapsing in bed at night in some sweats and binge watching Netfix, we need to be reminded how beautiful we really are. Let me help you to see the stone cold fox you know is in there, you may just haven't seen her in awhile.



Shaylynn Marie Beauty + Boudoir portraiture is classy, tastefully elegant and focuses on the unique beauty of each woman who walks through my door. Relaxing, fun and exciting, with or without clothing, for yourself or for a spouse, this is for you.  

Shaylynn Marie Photography